ISTA Tribal Tuneup 2020

ISTA Tribal Tuneup 2020

Eugene, OR - Address given after registration

What are your hidden desires and secret motivations?

How do they shape your life?

What do your shadow selves have to teach you?

Would you like to understand why you sometimes decide to do a good thing for yourself and then find yourself doing something self destructive?

Why do you keep staying in those familiar habits that no longer feed your aliveness?

Let’s explore the underground, forgotten areas of our beings and come into more harmony with all our aspects.

The shadow is our great teacher, rich with gifts for those who dare to look.

The ISTA Tribal Tune-up is an opportunity for ISTA Level 1 graduates to dive deeper into the topics introduced at the Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience.

The event will be offered in a weekend format and will focus on a core theme. The intent is to connect as a tribe while we grow, evolve and practice empowered ways of navigating life, love and relating.

The topic we are exploring at this event is the shadow, the disowned parts of the self that we tend to project onto others. We will be learning how to recognize the shadow when it is being activated. As well as ways to transform it into an ally. When shadow-parts are made conscious we gain clarity, insight and compassion.

We will use familiar L1 practices as well as introducing some new ones.

If you are an ISTA Level 1 SSSEX graduate who is ready for more, please join us!

Registration open now!


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